Garage Door Off-Track Repair

Garage Door Off-Track Repair in Connecticut & Massachusetts

A garage door that comes off its tracks can pose a significant problem and a serious safety hazard to its owner and anyone attempting to operate it. It's of utmost importance to cease using the garage door immediately if it has become dislodged, whether through manual operation or by way of the automatic switch.

When a garage door is off track, prompt repairs are essential as soon as you notice the issue or any early signs of trouble. Continued usage can lead to further door damage and even potential injuries. Any problems, no matter how minor they seem, warrant a thorough inspection. This is a fundamental rule that ensures the door's longevity, your safety and convenience, and ultimately lowers repair costs.

Off Track Garage Door Repair Service

Thankfully, here at 24HR Garage Doors, we specialize in thoroughly inspecting and assessing all kinds of garage door issues that arise due to going off-track. Our approach involves meticulous examination of the damage to understand how each aspect of the garage door has been impacted. We'll scrutinize the alignment of the tracks and assess their stability.

Our team is well-prepared to handle a diverse range of repairs and replacements. Once your door is back on track, we'll go the extra mile by scrutinizing the entire structure to ensure there are no hidden issues that you might not have been aware of when you initially reached out to us for realigning your door.

What Causes Off-Track Garage Doors

There are two primary causes for garage doors going off-track. The first reason involves cable breakage. These cables bear a significant portion of the door's weight and can sustain critical damage over time due to regular wear and tear. Nonetheless, high-quality cables often remain unaffected by this kind of damage for many years.

The second reason a garage door might come off its tracks is due to an obstruction or an object colliding with it. This encompasses situations like reversing a car when the door isn't fully open. Any extra force applied to the door while it's in operation can also lead to it coming off its tracks.

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