Broken Garage Door Springs Mean Big Problems: When to Replace Yours

Broken garage door springs are one of the most common causes of accidents that happen due to garage doors; these injuries occur every year all over the United States, and these are all injuries and sometimes even fatalities that could have been prevented just with a simple garage door service before it turned into an emergency.

Garage door springs shouldn't just be replaced when something goes wrong: They should be replaced far before something goes wrong if you want to ensure that the likelihood of accidents happening is greatly reduced.

When you need to have your garage door springs assessed, serviced, or entirely replaced, it's always best to contact a competent and qualified expert to do it rather than try and attempt the job yourself.

Here's what you should know about broken garage door springs and just when you should get in touch with an expert to have yours replaced.

The Danger of Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken or malfunctioning garage door springs can be dangerous, and they can even lead to the potential of injury or even a fatality. Garage door springs that are working as they should mean that you won't ever see a problem – but over time, garage door springs can corrode and show the usual wear-and-tear of time and use. When this happens, your garage door springs need to be serviced or entirely replaced, or an eventual malfunction of your entire garage door unit becomes a "when" instead of an "if" situation.

When to Service or Replace Garage Door Springs

When should you service or replace your garage door springs? Obviously, if you've just had it done a few days ago and you're sure that it was done properly, there's no need to have it checked – but if it's been a few weeks or months since you've had it done last (or you've never had it checked at all since you've had the garage door model opener), then it's likely that you should be booking a service or replacement with a local garage door service provider.
There are many factors that can influence just how long your garage door springs will last – and some of these factors include the surrounding weather, the type of model you've chosen, the weight of the garage door that it supports, and just how often it gets used.
The best rule of thumb is, "If I haven't checked in a while, I should." This is true even if you haven't experienced any problems with your current garage door yet.

Finding Expert Help

Garage door repair isn't the kind of thing you should be attempting yourself – especially not if you want to ensure that it adheres to international safety standards that you and your family rely on. If you want to make sure your garage door spring repair or garage door installation is done properly, get in touch with the experts – that's us – and we'll be happy to make recommendations for the best installation or get right to it when it comes to repairs.